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Ruby Bridges discussion questions

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1. How do you feel about Ruby's attitude?


2.How could Ruby solve the problem that she is going through? 


3.How do you think Ruby's parents feel about her being the only black child in the school?


4. What other way could Lucille solve the problem of Ruby Bridges getting a better education?


5.How do you think Ruby feels since people are pulling their kids out of school because of her?


6.What do you think all the kids who didn't get pulled out of school will do when Ruby walks into the classroom?


7.How do you feel about the white people's attitude?


8. How can the actions of J. Skelly Wright be defended?


9. How did going to school at William Frantz Public school change Ruby's life?


10. What reasons does Ruby's family have to justify moving her back to her old school?


11. What rights do the white people have to protest?


12. What is the importance of the U.S Federal Marshals?


13. How do you feel about the white's actions?


14. How is Ruby like the marshals?

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