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Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli

Guiding Questions

Chapters 37-45


1.    How are people reacting to the idea of resettlement? How does Janina feel about the trains? Why?

2.    Mr. Milgrom asks Misha to run away with Janina. Why does he want them to leave? What does he believe will happen if they stay?

3.    Misha finds Uri by the trains. What is Uri’s new job? Why does he have it? What does he do to Misha? Is he trying to hurt or help Misha?

4.    Why does Misha want to go to the ovens?

5.    Why does the farmer tell Misha there is a law that children must work on farms? Do you believe there is a law?

6.    When Misha comes to America, he tells everyone his story. Why does he need to do this? Why does he finally stop?

7.    What is Misha’s new name? Why does he like this name so much? How does it make him feel?

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