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Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli

Guiding Questions

Chapters 19-27


1.    Describe the “line up”. How do the Jews behave? How do the Jackboots behave? How does Misha react to the situation?

2.    What is a “Flop”? How do the boys treat them? Talk about why they act this way.

3.    Misha now calls himself Misha Milgrom. When does he change his name? How does he feel about it?

4.    Who is Himmler? Why does Misha want to see him? What does he think of him, once he sees him?

5.    Why is everyone looking for cows? What do cows symbolize for the people in the ghetto?

6.    What does Misha do when Janina follows and copies him?


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